a swiss nautical
experience club

On board of our classic sailing boat „LUOPAN“ (24meters long, 3 crew members) you will discover untouched islands, lonely bays, popular national parks and scenic seaside towns along the central Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Indulge in mediterranean hospitality and numerous culinary delicacies. Hoist the sails with us and feel the power of the elements, or simply enjoy the silence on deck with a book in your hand.

Discover new things on the horizon, feel the wind and the warmth oft he sun on your skin. Whether adventures like rock climbing, hiking or simply relaxing: With us, you can do whatever you like, whenever you like.

Lend a hand if you would like to, let go if you can, experience moments that turn into lasting memories.

Markus & Petra, your crew


Discover your paradise Croatia with us